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Bed Bugs are small brownish, flattened Insects that feed upon your blood.  They bite you and draw blood (as do mosquitos).  The pictures shown at the right are excellent photos of bed bugs.  They are "hitchhikers" that are spread by persons or objects (such as suitcases) that were in an area that had bed bugs, and hitched a ride into your home.  They wait in cracks and crevices for you to lay motionless (like when you are sleeping), they can detect your warmth and the carbon dioxide in your breath, and they sneak up onto your skin and bite you to draw blood for their meal.
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Click on this link to the right to visit the University of Kentucky Extension Service Bed Bug site for independant detailed information about Bed Bugs..
How do I know if I have Bed Bugs?:  You can actually see Bed Bugs, they look like the pictures above.  You can examine the corners of your mattresses and box springs on your bed and you may see them running.  You may see small black droppings on the mattress or box springs, as shown in the pictures above, that the Bed Bugs deposit as they congregate in these sections.

How will Pest Solutions help me?:  Pest Solutions has products especially designed to be used on the various surfaces in your home.  Most of these products are only to be sold to pest control operators and you will not find them at the hardware store.  Pest Solutions has a two treatment Bed Bug program:  We do the initial treatment and then we follow up with a treatment 2 weeks later.  We treat the mattresses and box springs with products specifically labeled for that type of treatment.  We treat floors and under beds.  We treat dressers or bedside tables within close proximity to the beds.  We treat couches and other upholstered furniture.  Call Pest Solutions for specific details for your home.  We offer a limited guarantee if both treatments are performed.  Call for details.

Do I need to prepare for the treatment?:  YES!  Customer cooperation is essential to eliminate Bed Bugs.  The treatment will fail without preparation.  The following are examples of things to do to prepare for a Bed Bug treatment:
-Strip all sheets and pillowcases from the beds and box springs leaving them bare. Launder the bedlinens and blankets
-Items that can't be laundered, such as pillows or stuffed animals, should be heated in a dryer.  The heat kills any Bed Bugs.
-Clutter should be eliminated, excessive items and or debris becomes harborage for Bed Bugs, pull all items out from under beds.
-Pick up any loose items on floors; Floors should be free and clear of clothing, toys, or other loose items.
-If there are bedside tables or dressers near the beds, empty the drawers as they will need to be treated. Launder clothing.
These are examples of preparation for Bed Bug Treatments.  Pest Solutions will discuss further steps when you call.

What about Heat Treatments?:  Pest Solutions does not provide heat treatments or steam treatments for Bed Bugs.  We have had excellent results with our two step method described above.  You will find that heat treatments are significantly more EXPENSIVE!!  Heat leaves no residual, so there is nothing to keep killing Bed Bugs after the heat treatment has been done.  Some companies will want to do a chemical treatment in addition to the heat for that reason.  With traditional treatments, there is residual action that keeps killing Bed Bugs over time.  If you compare costs, we believe you will find that the traditional spraying for Bed Bugs is the more reasonably priced method.  Please feel free to call us and discuss various methods that you have heard about.
Pest Solutions Sells Bed Bug Proof Mattress Covers

An Excellent Method to stop the Bed Bugs is to install Bed Bug Mattress and Box Springs Covers.
A Bed Bug proof Mattress Cover is a barrier that the Bed Bugs Cannot pass through.  Any Bed Bugs hiding in the mattress cannot get out.  Any Bed Bug outside cannot get into the mattress.  The Covers are made of White Cloth, which makes it easier to spot Bed Bugs when inspecting your mattress.

Pest Solutions sells Two Types of Covers:

Protect.A.Bed Covers: are excellent quality, white cloth covers that completely seal your mattress and/or box springs.  These are soft white cloth covers that will be comfortable under your sheets.

ActiveGuard Liners: Are mattress covers with an Active Ingredient, Permethrin, on the fabric.  The Active Ingredient will kill bed bugs for up to two years.  The Active Ingredient is Completely Odorless.

If you are interested in Bed Bug Covers, Please let us know and we can discuss your particular situation and give you a free estimate.