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You don't have to live with those annoying bugs!! Pest Solutions has successfully helped hundreds of people,just like you, frustrated by persistent insect issues, at a reasonable cost.

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NO LONG-TERM COMMITMENT:  Even though most pest issues will require repeated treatments for the best results, YOU are in control. Unlike many of the big, major pest control companies, Pest Solutions does not require you to sign a one year agreement or force you to take services that you do not want.  We will discuss with you, frankly and honestly, what we feel would be the best program for your particular situation.  You decide what's best for you and you can count on expert efforts from Pest Solutions!!

29 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE:  It would be hard to find a company whose technicians match the experience of Pest Solutions.  That's because, at Pest Solutions, you will be provided treatment by an actual Pollitt family member (see the tab: About Us).  We have been doing pest control for most of our lives.  We have worked for various large extermination companies in the past.  We are constantly learning and updating our skills.

THE FINEST PRODUCTS AND TECHNIQUES:  We have available to us all the finest pest control products and equipment that any major company would provide.  Many of the products we use are only sold to Pest Control Operators; you cannot buy them at the hardware store!  We have thoroughly reviewed the labels in order to apply the products in the correct manner.  Feel free to discuss any concerns you may have when you call us.

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Mosquito Control Services allow you to enjoy the outside areas of your property, the deck, the pool, the yard, free from pesky mosquitos!!  Pest Solutions will visit your property on a regular basis during Mosquito Season, and apply Mosquito Control Products to provide for your outdoor comfort.  Please click on the above Mosquito Tab for further information, or call us at 410-676-2263 for a free quote!
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