Termites do have a place in the environment and have been an important part of our ecological systems since the beginning of time.  Termites infest dying trees and speed up the decay process so new growth may begin in the forest.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature wasn't planning on Humans building homes made out of Wood!!  What's good in the Forest is not good in your home!

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Termites have a specialized Caste system: They have different members of their colony.  They have a Queen that lays eggs, Soldiers that protect the colony, Workers who eat the wood and build the tunnels, and Reproductives (Swarmers) that mate and start new colonies.

Termite Swarmers:  winged reproductives of the termite colony (see picture in upper right corner) often swarm out by the dozens or hundreds in the spring and summer.

Termite Workers:  build mud tunnels to travel through (see picture 2nd from top).  The cream colored workers (see picture 3rd from top right), travel up and down these mud tunnels to get to the wood in your home

Termites can cause Hidden Damage to your home. (See the lower left hand picture of Termite Damage around a window frame).

You need special equipment (such as a groundrodding tool, see lower middle picture) and professional knowledge to properly treat for termites.  This is where experience counts!

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Termites can be treated using either the Conventional Liquid Treatment or a Termite Baiting System.
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