Pros and Cons of Traditional Termite Treatments vs. Termite Bait Systems
(Pest Solutions Provides Both!!)
Traditional Termite Liquid Treatments: 
-Usually Costs less than the Bait System
-Active ingredient starts working the same day it is applied
-Effectiveness is not dependent on multiple inspections
-Most homes were treated this way
Termite Bait Systems:
-Less Chemical needed to control termites
-Good for sensitive situations (I.E: well close to house, pond or body of water near)
-Ongoing service provides continued inspection of property
-Less Invasive; No Drilling of Concrete Porches and Slabs
It is possible to do a hybrid of both systems (I.E: Liquid Treat area of Infestation and put Bait Stations around the house also) We will be happy to discuss your particular situation!

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Traditional Liquid Treatments
(See Pictures to the Right)

A Termiticide (usually Premise 75WP) is mixed in a tank on the back of the truck and is injected into the soil through a Treating tool on the end of a hose.  A trench is made in the soil next to the house and a treating tool is pushed into the soil to inject the liquid termiticide.

Other Termiticides, such as Termidor or Altriset can be used upon request for an appropriate upcharge.  Please feel free to discuss Termiticide preferences with us!

Termite Bait Systems
(See Pictures to the Right)

Bait Stations (usually Advance Termite Bait System) are installed into the soil around the outside of the home.  The Stations are monitored on a regular basis.  When the stations get a hit (Termites eating inside) then a Bait Cartridge is placed inside to deliver the Active Ingredient.