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Though PEST SOlUTIONS can not guarantee complete elimination of a Stink Bug infestation, we can certainly turn a big problem with hundreds of Ugly Stink Bugs into a small problem, greatly reducing the numbers!

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.Description: Stink bugs range in size from 1/2 to nearly one inch in length.
The species which is the greatest problem is the marmanated stink bug
which is brown in color. It is an import which was introduced into the US in
Allentown, Pennsylvania, and has spread throughout many of the Atlantic
coast states. The southern green stink bug is also common but seldom overwinters
in houses. Stink bugs get their name because when crushed, they
emit a strong, unpleasant smell which is difficult to wash from ones hands.
This provides them some protection from birds, lizards and other predators.

Life History: Stink bugs usually overwinter as adults. In late spring, they lay clusters of eggs in groups of
about 25 on plant leaves. A female can produce up to 400 eggs.
Stink Bugs will cluster around your home in the fall as they seek a protected spot to overwinter.  You will see many of them in September.  In the spring they will emerge and cluster before they fly out to lay eggs in the surrounding area.  You will see them appear in numbers when the weather turns warm in the spring.

Pest Solutions has an effective program to keep this process under control!