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Rodents are dirty messy creatures. They leave droppings and urinate wherever they walk.  They contaminate food and counter tops.  They also chew electrical wires. The picture to the right shows an actual cable we discovered in one of our customers attics, which has been chewed by a rodent.  You need a pest control expert that knows rodents and how they work.  Let Pest Solutions put 23 years of experience to work on your rodent issue!!

When you hire Pest Solutions, we approach your problem on two fronts:

1) Exclusion:  We inspect your premises and discover how they are getting in, then we take steps to exclude them from doing so.  We can plug small holes with Copper Stuffing that the rodents can't chew through.  We can staple wire mesh over larger openings.  It may be appropriate to use cement to plug holes in a foundation.  Certain problems may be the responsibility of the home or business owner, such as installing a door sweep if there is a gap under a door.  We will advise you in writing of our findings.  Exclusion is an important part of the service to keep rodents from reinfesting the premises after we eliminate the current population.

2) Kill the rodents already in the building. We generally use bait inside of tamper proof bait stations.  The lower right pictures shows rows of rat sized stations ready to be deployed in a commercial account.  These stations snap shut and can only be opened with a key.  We often use traps where appropriate.

Call Pest Solutions at 410-676-2263 for a free consultation.  We will find out the particular situation that you have and formulate a solution to fit your needs.

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