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Pest Solutions Now Offers Mosquito Control Services!!
In response to many customer complaints about Pesky Mosquitos bothering people in their back yards and around their pools, Pest Solutions has added Mosquito Control to its line of Quality Pest Control Services!  Our Barrier Spray is very effective at stopping the mosquitos from invading your picnics, deck parties, and other outdoor events.  The Mosquito Season starts in Late March and April and continues through September.  Now you can get a monthly treatment to provide relief for your Family.

Benefits to Pest Solutions Mosquito Control Program:
-Your Personal Comfort:  you should be able to enjoy your property without being bitten!
-Disease Prevention:  West Nile Virus is a mosquito borne illness that is found in Maryland and is responsible for the greatest number of human illnesses (related to mosquitos) in the United States.
-Heartworm Prevention:  the Parasite that causes Dog Heartworm is transmitted to the animal by the bite of a mosquito.  Protect your Dog! (You should always have your dog examined by a vet and use the vet’s heartworm medication!)
-Tick Reduction:  The same products that kill the mosquitos will kill ticks that come in contact with it.
-Outdoor Pest Reduction:  In general, Insect pests will not be able to thrive in the treated areas.

When you hire Pest Solutions for their Mosquito Control Program, you will get Monthly Barrier Spray Treatments through September and a guarantee through the end of the year.  We will survey your property and give you a written report on Conditions that are Conducive to Mosquito Infestation.  We will set a monthly day (such as 1st Thursday of every month) that we will arrive to treat (weather permitting) and provide our barrier treatment.  You do not have to be home since it is an exterior only treatment.

Our Mosquito Barrier Treatment involves the use of a backpack Misting Machine which we use to treat harborage areas where mosquitos tend to land in your yard.  Examples of area treated include Fence Lines, Tall Grass, Shrubbery, Trees and Tree trunks (up to 15 feet high), Under Decks, Lower lying Soffiting on houses and sheds or other out buildings.  The mixture we use contains an adulticide that will kill the adult mosquitos and leave a residual that continues to kill mosquitos that land on the treated area.  Unlike many of our competitors, we also use a growth regulator that will render mosquitos unable to reproduce and will keep mosquito eggs from developing into adult mosquitos.

With the Monthly Mosquito Control Program, we guarantee positive results or we will provide additional service in between visits at no further cost (see agreement for details).  If you complete the monthly services through September we will extend that guarantee through the end of the year.

We will be happy to discuss all aspects of our Mosquito Control Services with you. Please call us at 410-676-2263 for information and/or a free quote!
Pay as you go or take advantage of:
Optional Discounts !!
Save money by choosing from the Following:

Option A:  Pay for the whole season up front and get one month FREE!!

Option B:  Set up automatic payments on your Credit Card and get one month FREE!!

Current Pest Control Customers can get one of their Regular Pest Control Services for FREE, as well as one of the above options,  when they sign up for Mosquito Control.

The free service will be the last service of the agreement.  See agreement for details.  Restrictions apply, call for details.  The free regular service for Pest Control Customers can not be an initial service or onetime service.  Not applicable to Onetime Event Treatments.

We also provide Onetime Event Treatments for people who are having a backyard party or other event and just want a onetime Mosquito Treatment before the event.